Moving into higher education and training for young people with an EHCP

Things to consider

As you consider your post-16 options, it is important that before you make your choices you are aware that:

    • Education and training post-16 is 3 days or 16 hours per week.
    • If you need more than 3 days, this would be health or social care and will require relevant assessments by these services
    • We will consult with yours and parent/guardian choices. These may include Specialist providers, but should also include mainstream providers to see if they can meet your needs also.
    • Specialist provision would only be considered where there is clear evidence that a mainstream College or provider cannot meet need
    • Home to school transport would not be considered for out of Borough provision if there is provision in Borough available that can meet need.

How is further education different to school

Full-time Education post-16 is different from when you are at school. Full-time Education, Post-16 is the equivalent of 3 days or 16 hours per week. This is to enable you the opportunity for part-time work and private study alongside socialising with friends and family and participating in other community activity. This is an essential development of your independence and preparation for adulthood.

We understand that it is possible you may require extra support of a four or five day offer. If this is the case, you will require health and/or social services to make up the four or five day offer. The relevant assessments with these services need to have been carried out and included in your Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP). Please go to the SEND local offer to request relevant assessments for health or social services.

We have the same vision as the SEND Code of Practice and expect our young people with SEND to be educated in a mainstream setting alongside their peers, wherever mainstream settings can meet your needs. We will comply with yours and your parents/guardians requests to consult with any specialist providers, but will only consider approving this should mainstream not be able to meet your need/s. We also have a tier system for specialist provision, should specialist provision be required. This is to ensure the Local Authority are abiding by the SEND Code of Practice with regards to the use of its resources to meet the needs of young people with SEND.

Home to school transport

Home to school transport Post-16 would not be considered for any setting outside of Borough, if it has been identified that your needs can be met at a setting in Borough. However, if the Local Authority have been satisfied that there isn’t a setting in Borough that can meet your needs, then transport would be considered.

Contact us

    • Email our TIAG team for information, advice and guidance about moving onto further education.
    • Email our EHCP team for advice on your Educational Health and Care plan or call (01226) 775142.